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1. Emigration, good or bad and from whose point of view? Discuss with respect to
the experience of one sending or receiving country (or one or more groups within
these countries) during the period of mass migration, 1870-1914.

2. It is often argued that the pre-WWI gold standard facilitated international trade and
foreign investment. Did it? If so, how; if not, why not?

3. Did the expansion of international trade 1870-1914 foster convergence in the
Atlantic community? Explain why it did or did not and support your argument
with qualitative and/or qualitative evidence.
The essay should be no longer than 6 double-spaced pages (roughly 1800 words). The
general idea is to choose a topic and define it sufficiently well that you can treat it
seriously within the prescribed space. Suggested topics are broad and thus require
considerable narrowing and refinement. Readings included in the course syllabus will
provide you with a sufficient set of references for your essay but feel free to add
material as you see fit.