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Digital Footprint

Paper details:

I need an annotated outline for the following prompt. I will be ordering a full paper later but only need the outline right now.


Prompt: Almost everyone today is leaving a digital footprint with more and more daily activities involving devices that are Internet connected (Internet of Things). What does this mean moving forward for law enforcement and the judicial system (how should they prepare for more digital crimes)? For legislators (Do they need to make completely new laws or can they modify older laws to include new digital crimes, show examples)? For the public? (how much of your information are you putting out there? How do you protect your information?)


Note that this is three separate parts, so you should try to address each part equally.


Outline criteria:

For this assignment, you will submit an outline of your final paper, using a combination of bullet points, full sentences, and citations to display your comprehensive plan for your final paper

You MUST include the thesis statement – not just the phrase “thesis statement” as a placeholder. I want to know how you are approaching this paper. Why does your topic matter? What are you trying to communicate?

A thesis statement is helpful in keeping your paper focused on relevant points. If your separate sections don’t relate to the thesis statement, why are you talking about it?

Have a list of the full APA-style references for all citations included in the outline.