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Answer the following study questions in a 300-word minimum essay, 100 words minimum for each of the 3 questions posed, naming, quoting, and citing the assigned sources, i.e., your textbook, the documentary film, a Recorded Lecture OR a Powerpoint Lecture at least once each for all three required sources. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list, but write at least 3 full paragraphs, one paragraph in response to each of the questions posed of a minimum length of 100-words each. At the end of your essay  YOU MUST post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts.


Over the years, various titles have been given to the inventors, innovators, and businessmen at the heart of America’s Industrial Revolution, i.e., “Robber Barons,” “Captains of Industry,”  “Evil Capitalists,”  “Men of Vision.” In addition to Carnegie, name two other “Titans of Industry” discussed in the film and/or discussed in the Lectures or your Textbook and summarize the good, the bad, and the ugly about them and their contributions to  America’s Industrial Revolution and the quality of our lives today. Write one paragraph for each of these 3 men, answering the parameters listed above.