Discrimination and Harassment Case Study
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Assignment 2: A Case Study

This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the following course outcomes:

Analyze employment related laws, and ethical considerations their application, and implications in the workplace
Evaluate rights, obligations, and liabilities in the employment process and relationship.
Evaluate compliance with current laws and regulations related to safety and fairness in the workplace.
Effectively communicate to internal and external audiences the principles and application of employment laws and ethical considerations in the business environment.

Religious Discrimination and Racial Harassment:

What Ever Happened to MarShawn DeMur?

Instructions: Please open the attachment and read the SHRM case study. Respond to the five (5) questions identified below (not those in the attached case study but the ones designed for our HRMN 408 class outlined in these instructions). Be specific in your responses and each response should include at least two classroom resources. Do not combine the discussion questions as the use of the outline will help you organize your research and comments and ensure you do not miss any questions that must be addressed. Your responses to each question must be in narrative format not bullets.

Action: Respond to all five questions below. Utilize the resources from the class and make sure to have appropriate sources to support your responses. Answer each of the questions in narrative form (not bullet points).

Question 1 – Overview and Relevant Facts

A. What are the relevant facts of this situation? Provide a detailed overview of the important facts of this case.

B. Identify and describe the specific employment laws that support Maalick’s contention that he was not promoted due to religious discrimination? Be specific.

Question 2 – Religious Accommodation

What are the relevant facts to support the contention that Maalick was not given accommodations due to his religious beliefs? Be specific.

Question 3 – HR Director’s Actions

Characterize the actions of the HR director in response to the overall situation between Maalick, the supervisor and coworkers. Be specific.
Prevention and Proactive Actions by HR Director. What could the HR Director have done to prevent this situation and what more could be done by the HR professional to ensure that this type of situation would not occur in the future? Be specific.
Question 4 – Acts of Religious and Racial Harassment

What were the actions of the supervisor and coworkers that could be considered as (1) religious and (2) racial harassment? Analyze and discuss each of the two harassment issues separately. (Define and explain by citing the specific laws relevant).

Question 5 – Jenkin’s Behavior and Next Steps

a. Was Clive Jenkin’s behavior in direct violation of Tretons EEO and discrimination policies and if so, what was the evidence to indicate any violations?

b. As the HR professional, what else should be considered regarding discrimination policies to educate and inform employees?

c. From your class readings and discussions, what other actions could be taken regarding employment laws, policies, training, and best practices to guide supervisors and employees in the workplace?

Formatting directions for this assignment #2

Use the bold headings found in the outline above in your paper to denote the different questions.
Paper must be in APA 7.0 edition style, narrative format (not in bullet points nor PowerPoint).
Include a cover page which should have student name and title of your paper.
Each of the five questions should have at least a minimum of two classroom resources per question and cite using appropriate APA 7.0 in-line citations format.
Include a reference section at the end of your paper with citations/references in APA 7.0 style format.
Use a word-processing software and saved with a .doc, .docx, or .rtf extension. Do not submit in a pdf format.