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Choose only one of the following five choices. No matter which one you choose, the entire
essay should reflect good organization of ideas as well as proper usage of grammar, punctuation, control of language, spelling and syntax, and referencing. It should be typewritten, double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font or comparable, and have one-inch margins on all sides and in a Word doc or Apple Pages. 1800-2200 words (5-6-pages). If images, sound, video, or other media would be helpful to your paper, make sure to include these as either links or embed in the paper. You might also consider a PowerPoint as an additional part of the assignment, though this is not required.
Make sure to use your text Living Religions as a resource for this paper, quoting from it. Make sure also to use the library database to find at two one other resource that will support your research and argument. Make sure to quote from this resource as well. Use any reference format but be consistent!
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III. Discuss a Feature across Religion Traditions
Write a critical/constructive essay that investigates and describes a distinctive feature
that is important to different religions. Use at least three (3) religions to write this paper. The feature could be a cultural feature like art, music, performance, literature, poetry, fashion, design, architecture, or visual or material culture. It could be a social, political, or economic feature like involvement with national identity and politics, use of money, etc. It could be ethical features like religious teachings about death and dying, healthcare, abortion, marriage and family, sexuality and gender identity, caste and class issues, violence/non-violence, the environment. It could be psychological features, like how do religions provide ways (or not) to grow psychologically?

You should not use research from google
You should use research from Universities

why do most religious people believe in an afterlife? This paper aims to assess the afterlife belief using three religions, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, and explain the importance of this feature to the population. Why do people who practice these three traditionsHinduism, Christianity, and Islambelieve in an afterlife?