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Second language acquisition
Paper details:
1.Produce a 2,500-word (+/- 10%) final essay on a topic of your choice related to SLA.

Focus: Select a particular feature of the English language of any kind phonological, grammatical (morphological or syntactic), lexical, discourse-based, orthographic, pragmatic, sociolinguistic and involving any skill or combination of skills listening, speaking, reading, or writing that is likely to involve some measure of difficulty for learners from non-English-speaking background.

Goal. Discuss any particular linguistic and/or pedagogical issues relevant to acquiring this feature by learners you are targeting. The discussion must relate to one or two theoretical concepts/issues/
approaches covered by readings/coursework. Discuss how the accounts provided by the theoretical concept(s) help us understand the difficulties of acquiring the target language feature. Finally, propose strategies for addressing the learning difficulties for the targeted learner group in and/or outside the classroom.

Refer to Appendix A for writing templates
Literature reading in writing from Appendix B