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Final Research Paper Outline
Paper details:
For this weeks assignment, you will create an outline for your Final Research Paper. Complete the following steps for this outline assignment:

Step One: Review the potential Final Research Paper topics below and select one for your Final Research Paper. Submit the topic as a title page in APA format to the instructor.

Give us privacy: Exploring the privacy rights and ethical treatment of families of criminals in news reports

Step Two: Create an outline that includes the following criteria:

Identify a specific thesis or central argument for the Final Research
Address each of the following five main points that will be included in the Final Research Paper:
Explain the historical significance of the topic.
Discuss each of the concepts and/or areas of law and ethics that are relevant to the topic.
Discuss at least two court cases in relation to the topic and two ethical considerations.
Discuss the implications of the issue on the field of journalism.
Provide an overall opinion of the issues discussed in relation to the impact on individuals, groups, and society.
Construct the outline according to the outline template Links to an external site.in the Writing Center.
Identify at least one reference for each main point and provide the APA citation for each source.
You must use the outline template in the Writing Center for the completion of the outline. You must also provide at least five scholarly sources other than the required text in the outline. No more than two of your academic sources may be from the Internet. At least two of the five academic sources must be found in the UAGC Library. Research may be modified for the Final Research Paper. Cite your sources as indicated in the sample outline in text and on the reference page following the outline. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Writing Center, within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course.