Hindu and Buddhist Art Formal Analysis
Paper details:
Choose at least 3 images to discuss for the week, and in one to two sentences, explain why you chose these images. Was it a personal connection? Did you like something in particular? Or Did you just simply choose them because you felt like it?

For your three chosen images, provide a visual analysis (2-5 sentences). Describe what you see. Think about shape, material, color, pigment (if it has any), and texture. Is it an object? A sculpture? A painting. Observe the image, and simply just describe what you see.

Then list 3-5 facts about the image. Situate it in its historical context and tell me something we won’t know just by looking at it. Consider questions like who made it? Why was it made? What does it represent? What was its function? What’s the connection between the artist and the object?