Review the Revenue Models Lecture and Materials section in the Module: Paper and Presentation IN ATTACHMETNS
Which revenue model(s) does your company currently use? Discuss.
If your company uses more than three revenue models, consider using a table that you can refer to in the text.
Revenue Model Recommendation
Come up with one creative idea for your firm to use a different revenue model.
If your company is currently selling a product, selling another product is NOT a new revenue model (they both belong under the product sales revenue model).
Discuss how your new idea is different from the current revenue model(s) and how it will help your company.
Do not say: My company already uses all appropriate revenue models. If you do not provide a recommendation, you will not earn credit.
Add your new revenue model under the revenue streams section of the BMC in blue.
Please note that oftentimes students will add the ad-based revenue model as a cost factor instead of a revenue stream. Increasing advertising to increase revenues in existing models is a cost, not a new revenue stream.
Business Model Canvas
Review the Business Models and Business Model Canvas Lecture and Materials section in the Module: Paper and Presentation on Blackboard.
Complete a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for your company and include it as a Figure.
An editable Business Model Canvas Template at the end of this document.
Single space the BMC.
Acknowledge your sources
Business Model Narrative
Describe your companys business model by walking the reader through it in a logical fashion and make sure to make reference to the Figure you developed.
While the Business Model Canvas Figure should have all 9 elements completed, in your narrative you should focus on 3-4 areas that are critical to the company or set it apart from competitors.
Do not waste valuable space explaining the Business Model Canvas elements. Focus on application only.
Business Model Recommendation
Choose an element of the business model canvas that may need improvement (identify a weakness)
Why does it need improvement
Suggest a change to address the weakness.
Provide reasoning behind why this would be an improvement
This needs to be a different idea than the new revenue model idea!
Add your recommendation where appropriate in the BMC in blue.
Summarize your main ideas and how they can be beneficial to the company you are analyzing.
A list of your cited sources. Make sure you cite your sources in your text, so it is clear which content can be attributed to which source.