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There are three concepts: Leadership, Management, and Planning. Each of these concepts are separate discussions and should be labeled as an independent title for independent discussion in the paper. After each independent and separate discussion, you will bring all three together to explain how all concepts integrated helps creates a vision for excellence in the healthcare supply chain.
Below are Things to Discuss, but with all that you have covered in your textbook up to this point, I expect you to include some things that are not listed. Each discussion point is related to either Leadership, Management, or Planning, but that is up to you to decide where it fits best. Where it fits depends on the direction youre going in. There is no right or wrong placement; it is up to you. With that said, you may find that four or five discussion points should be discussed under Management, and three or four different discussion points should be discussed under Leadership, and so on.
Things to Discuss:
Discuss manufacturers, distributors and providers of care such as hospitals, health systems, and physician offices.
Leadership and management principles that would work best for leading the healthcare supply chain.
Discuss the importance of having long term strategic sourcing relationships (consider the need for the technology of care).
Tools, models or techniques of demand forecasting and its benefits.
What about the planning process?