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social problem it aims to address, the policy goals, and descriiption of the target population. Describe the magnitude and dimensions of the problem the policy aims to address. This might include demographic information, financial impact, etc. Discuss the benefits that the policy provides Explain how these benefits are funded (e.g., block grants, reimbursements, etc.) and by whom (e.g., state, federal, etc.) Discuss the agency (or agencies) charged with implementing the policy Analyze the policy Review the literature to assess the effectiveness of the policy. Focus on recent empirical studies that have measured the outcomes of the policy and provide an overview. What do they find? What aspects of the policy/problem do they cover? What aspects do they not address? Discuss the extent to which the policy addresses ethical and social/economic justice concerns. See the NASW Code of Ethics as a reference. Analysis: what needs to change to improve/expand the policy? Should the target population be expanded? Narrowed? Other ways that it could be implemented more effectively? How would these changes affect the need to fund the policy (in text citation, reference within the last 5 years)