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Unit 3 Report (60 pts)

Ambrose Bierce used many different writing techniques when writing “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” Discuss the different techniques he used in his story and whether those techniques were successful in portraying the essence of the story. 

Pick the three techniques you feel are most important and give examples of how they relate to the story. Provide three outside sources to support your choice of each technique. 

 Follow the MLA style of writing.

Write the Report in your own words. Format your text consistently throughout the Report, taking care to cite correctly the works used. Cite at least two sources to support your answers.. Include a Works Cited page (Bibliography) for those resources at the end of your document. The total word count for your report a minimum 500 (1 page of double-spaced text = 250 approximately words). A title page and the Works Cited page do not count in this word count. 

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