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Discuss the formulation phase of policymaking.

All submitted file should be 12-pt font double- spaced, and 1 inch margins all around.  Draw a schematic model of the three phases of the public policymaking process.

2. Discuss the formulation phase of policymaking.

3. Discuss the implementation phase of policymaking.

4. Discuss the three traditional core roles or functions of courts in the United States’ constitutional scheme of government. 5.  Research Paper Topic Choice. All students need to study the document

" Requirements and Evaluation of Research Paper" (in Modules), and to choose a specific and narrowly defined research paper topic about formulation, implementation, or/and modification phases of any health policy making at federal or state level. It is about time now. So in this

submission, please let me know you research paper title. The following are just some examples for your reference. The impact of Affordable Care Act on the uninsured Americans and solutions

available for those who are unable to afford it. The impact of the Medicaid expansion after the implementation of ACA Trumpcare vs. Obamacare and the improvements that we really need to make The effects of the Affordable Care Act on income inequality Should states regulate healthcare insurance? How policy change in the U.S. has affected the opioid crisis Impact of Affordable Care Act for Miami Dade Low-income individuals