a. Identify a small group open to the public. Recommendations include an OPEN self- help meeting or support group (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, caregiver support group). Please reach out to the instructor if you need assistance in identifying a group to attend. You may want to reach out to the group leader in advance (if possible) to ask permission to observe. Many of these groups are now held virtually.
b. Attend and observe the group inconspicuously. Participant information must remain confidential. Some groups might require that you speak during the meeting. Let the members know that you are observing as a social work student, and be sure to mention you will not report on their names or any other identifying information.
c. Write no more than a five-page paper on your observations. Include the following in your paper:
A summary of the group topic(s) and members. What type of group is this? (i.e. task group, treatment group, etc.)
Discuss the group members alliance with the apparent leader and each other. How did the group leader engage the members?
What communication skills did you observe?
How did the leader and/or members demonstrate empathy, interpretation,
and/or confrontation?
Referencing chapter 16 in Hepworth, what group intervention skills did you
How does the importance of confidentiality and other social work ethics
play a role in this group?
What are two lessons learned do you take away from this observation?
d. Reference article.