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This assignment gives you the opportunity to learn the process of developing a valid qualitative instrument an in-depth interview protocol to address one or more research questions in a qualitative study
Based on the research question/s from a qualitative study or your proposed dissertation, develop an interview protocol with about 5-7 questions.
Discuss the process of developing the interview protocol, citing the literature that supports your questions in the interview protocol.
Develop a Table of Specifications to show the alignment of your RQ/s and the interview questions.
Send your interview protocol to two classmates/ peers (in place of an expert panel) for review and feedback.
Make the recommended revisions and conduct a pilot test of your interview protocol with TWO potential participants
Record BOTH the interviews but transcribe only ONE of them. (Submit the transcribed interview along with your assignment)
Discuss the revisions made to the interview protocol based on the peer (expert panel) feedback and also the pilot test
Submit the following appendices:
Appendix A the Table of Specifications
Appendix B the initial interview protocol
Appendix C the revised interview protocol
Appendix D a transcribed interview
Your paper should describe the whole process of developing and validating the in-depth interview protocol, citing methodological references. It should be between 7- 8 pages, excluding the title page, references, and appendices.
The problem statement is uploaded in files for interview questions Underrepresentation of Women in Leadership