There may be conflicting definitions (can discuss this in the intro) but be consistent with the definition across your group. – Discuss the relevance of the topic/measure. Why is this topic important to measure? 

– Provide justification for creating your measure on this topic by highlighting the limitations and gaps currently in the literature. o

What will your measure add that the existing measures don’t? –

 Include a study aim Method: – Design o Report what type of study design was used – Participants: o Report the demographics collected – Measures: o Include the details of your measure and the validation measure o Aim of each measure o Psychometrics of the validation measure – Procedure: o How did you create the measure and decide on the items

? o List the entire process up until the data analysis (No need to include what analysis were run) Results: – Report the reliability analysis o How do we know what a high reliability is. Ensure to reference this criterion. Same goes for the correlation analysis. – Report the validation through the correlation analysis –

 You must have a table and/or a figure. Keep this in mind when thinking about how to display/report your data. Discussion: – Restate the aim of the study – Interpret the reliability output and the correlation analysis. What do these figures mean? Was the measure reliable, what does this mean? 

Was the measure deemed valid for this population?

 If validity was not met, what does this mean? 

– What are the implications of the measure?

  . Tables come first, then figures. Each table or figure should get its own page.

 What do I include in the Appendix section? 


There is no set number of references required, however this is a scientific paper so each statement/claim must be backed with empirical evidence.

 Do the tables/figures need to be APA? Yes, all tables and figures must be APA formatted