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Discuss the role of social work with reference to human rights, social justice,

SOCHLTH 334 Essay 2022 2500 words excluding references WORTH 50% Choose one of the following topics: • Disability (Maori in Aotearoa New Zealand) Overall aim Your essay will outline the chosen topic with reference to the interventions a social worker might employ in working with service users experiencing a specific health or disability challenge and their carers/ families. You will demonstrate that you can integrate the theoretical perspectives of social work in health care, such as critical models of disability, social aspects of health, biopsychosocial perspectives, ethics and social justice, cultural models and wellbeing. Marks will be allocated as follows.

1. Discuss the role of social work with reference to human rights, social justice, consideration of social work obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and the ethical dimensions of your topic; (10 marks) – Clearly identifies topic population/health concern and why chosen. – Describes the field and population in Aotearoa (or Tamaki Makaurau) with any relevant demographic material – Discusses the social work obligations to support this population addressing Te Tiriti and any relevant elements of human rights, social justice, and ethical considerations. 2. The needs of service users; carers; partners, families, children; family support needs. (20 marks)

– Describes any impact of social determinants of health relevant to this chosen population in Aotearoa or specifically Tamaki Makaurau. – Describes the social, emotional, psychological, cultural and spiritual impact of the health concern. – Discusses the impact of health concerns and needs arising for partners, carers, siblings or other close relationships – Critically examine the availability of resources, broader issues related to policy direction and service delivery in Aotearoa with reference to literature including any relevant policy material. 3. Describe the social work interventions: e.g. engagement, assessment, advocacy, counselling and support, work with couples and families, mobilising networks. (15 marks)

– Identifies relevant social work interventions with reference to practice literature & research that would be applicable to working with this population/field – References at least 1 peer-reviewed article from social work literature that discusses social work with this population. – Hint! Check out the health-related social work journals and the many articles already on your reading lists. Do not Google/ use Wikipedia and YouTube. – Hint! See the reading list to link to journals, from the first module Resources to help with assignments. 4. An additional 5 marks for presentation and the range of literature accessed. (5 marks)

– Demonstrates evidence of researching the literature (books and peer-reviewed journals) – Accesses information from service-user/advocacy information/ websites etc. in the development of this overview of the topic. – Uses at least 8 peer-reviewed journal articles related to your chosen topic (Remember that use of sources is not simply a ‘numbers’ game. You must use sources well and engage critically with them.) – Demonstrates accurate referencing – Uses quotes sparingly and well-integrated within the essay – Paraphrases literature appropriately –