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Discuss the role of the psychiatric social worker at the psychiatric hospital. (write minimum one
See: Psychology School Guide. (2022). Psychiatric social worker career guide. Psychiatric Social
Worker: Job Descriiption and Education Requirements (psychologyschoolguide.net)
4. Discuss the role of the pharmacist at the psychiatric hospital. (write minimum one paragraph)
See: Stearns, J. (2022). The growing role of psychiatric pharmacists. PSYCOM PRO. Psychiatric
Pharmacists Take on More Mental Health Care Roles (psycom.net)
Heading: Psychiatric Nursing Staffing
1. Discuss the staffing ratio of registered nurses to patients on the in-patient units of the psychiatric
hospital and write your rationale for that ratio. Keep safety as your first priority (write minimum one
paragraph). Be sure to support your statement by citing and referencing one or more of the resources
shown here.
American Psychiatric Nurses Association website/Staffing Inpatient Units Staffing Inpatient Units | APNA
Nurse Staffing Ratio Law website/Nurse Staffing Ratio Law | Debating the merits of a nurse-staffing
ratio law NursingLicensure.org
Inadequate Inpatient Psychiatry Staffing/article/Inadequate Inpatient Psychiatry Staffing and
Noncompliance with Inpatient Mental Health Levels of Care at the VA Central Western Massachusetts
Healthcare System in Leeds | Oversight.gov
Nurse to Patient Ratios: A State-by-State Guide/article/Nurse-to-Patient Ratios: A State-by-State Guide
Gale Healthcare Solutions
Shafer Consulting. (2019). Patient and staff safety on inpatient psychiatric units. Patient and Staff Safety
on Inpatient Psychiatric Units Schafer Consulting