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7.  Discuss the stock trends reported in D&B Business Browser.   2022 latest answers

8.  Review and discuss SWOT analysis from the D&B Business Browser of both companies.   Your discussion must look at all 4 areas of the SWOT for each company and provide specific information from the SWOT posted in D&B Business Browser.  Worth 10 pts.

9.  Each relevant article journal referenced and discussed to support your conclusion is worth 2 pt. each.  You need 3 current articles for each company.  Worth 12 pts.  

10.  Providing a conclusion with supporting resources from previous parts and industry specific information from the D&B Business Browser. Worth 10 pts.  

11.  Providing a well-supported reflection paragraph.  Worth 8 pts.

12.  Appearance and readability of paper, which includes a reference page using APA style.  Make sure you include all the references you used to develop your recommendation.