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Discussion 4: Mixed Methods The purpose of this discussion is for you to learn the different types of mixed-methods research designs. Please review the materials on mixed-methods.
Choose TWO mixed-methods research designs. For EACH:
1) Identify (name) the mixed-methods research design,
2) Discuss the characteristics of this design, such as the level of interaction of qualitative and quantitative, the timing, the priority, mixing decisions, etc.
3) Provide the rationale for using the design and give an example of when it is used
4) Discuss the type of research questions that may be associated with this mixed methods design,
5) Discuss how you will collect the different forms of data (qualitative and quantitative) in this mixed methods research design.
Your post must be between 250-300 words and show evidence of having reviewed the resources provided (cite them), but you may also cite additional sources.