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discuss what you think the purpose of your artifact is. All in all, this should be no more than a


Then, proceed to bring in your evidence and analysis. What can support your claim about the purpose of the artifact? What kinds of information about the work and the creator are relevant to the claims you’re making? Basically, walk your reader hrough the research you’ve done and tell them how it all fits together for you. This should include your academic sources and your observations.

Make sure you transition smoothly from one idea to he next. Try to make your ideas flow together. Walk your reader through what you’ve discovered and observed. Explain why it matters. Then you can include a small conclusion paragraph at the end summing everything up. Don’t bring up anything new in the conclusion – just tie at all up in a nice bow and leave your reader with something to think about.

Hopefully, you’ve done much of this work already! You just need to assemble it in a way that makes it all flow together nicely. Then, I will give you feedback that can hopefully help you with t 0 version. Make sure you are working through me

feedback I’ve given you already – that will help you do better on the final version, too.