Papers are required to have/be:
A minimum of 4 pages (cover page and reference page do not count toward your
page requirement)
Double spaced
1 inch margins on all sides
A cover page listing: Your name, course, date
A Works Cited (sometimes known as a Reference Page) at the end of the paper
listing all sources used
In twelve (12) point Times New Roman font
In-text citations using MLA format
Page numbers
A minimum of 4 *reliable sources

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched an invasion into Ukraine where fighting continues to this day. The United States and its NATO allies have provided humanitarian aid and weapons to Ukraine for them to combat Russian forces but have been hesitant to send troops in, fearing that an escalation in the war could start World War III. In addition, the United States and its allies have also been hesitant to enforce a no-fly zone in Ukraine which would close the airspace over the country.

Discuss in detail whether the United States should send U.S. troops into Ukraine to assist Ukrainian forces in combating the Russian army and whether the U.S.

should enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

In addition, state your thoughts on whether you think the sanctions applied by the United States on Russia are working and provide in detail your view on whether there were things the U.S. could have done preemptively that could have stopped Russia from invading Ukraine.