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Discuss your career interests and/ or objectives

Personal Statement : Thoroughly discuss a curent social issue that is relevant to social work practice and fostered or confirm your interest in he socia work profession. You also may mention additional reasons for deciding to pursue graduate social work study at this time. *Discuss your career interests and/ or objectives and how you plan to take advantage of the resources Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Social Service to support you in your goals.

*Please explain how you plan on balancing the demands of our online platform, including the 8 weeks of structure and field placement(s), with responsibilities you would have outside of school. Foster care is not an effective approach in adequately meeting the needs for youth to transition out of foster care. successfully assuring the emotional, academic and social needs of children because it traumatizes the child more, than it promotes healing. As a long standing employer of the foster care system, I have first hand experience of how detrimental removing a child from their biological family and placing them in foster homes has hindered these children’s growth.

Although foster care is intended to strengthen the family dynamic and reunite the child ones it is safe, the trauma that stems from initial removal until reunification increase the damage. ( look for another word) Expand this paragraph Foster Care does not adequately prepare youth academically or economically. These children are unable to manage their finances, typically do not have bank accounts Unlearning behaviors, already have a false sense of hope, are failing academically. Foster parents are unwilling or unskilled at assuring best outcome. Case planning is overwhelmed and unable to assure best outcome.

Left with an underserved population falling between the cracks. The foster care system does not adequately prepare youth for the transition out of foster care. These young adults do not have supportive connections after aging out of care. While in foster care, the youth case planner often meets the basic needs of the youth. They are able to enroll the child for services as needed and often are the child’s first line of defense. As these youth transition out of care, they loose their biggest support system, the case planner and the planning agency. Many of these youth are not provided with the skills to advocate on their own nor do they have the resource to maneuver in a world alone.

Chances are they have lost large connection with families during their time in foster care. With my degree. I want to cultivate a supportive dynamic to enhance the well being of children aging out of foster care. Firstly an MSW will allow me to help the youth mentally prepare for their future. Secondly I would like to set up a community facility that can connect youth with academic and employment resources. These services would help better prepare youth for adulthood Balancing school work would be a challenge but I have great support system of social workers . I also work in social services, I am also able to apply my leaning through direct experience. I am a hands on learner and would love to practice thse various topics.