For this activity, you will locate a newspaper, journal, or internet article pertaining to healthcare services. The news item must be one recently published and one that reports on a current development in the healthcare field. The current event article may focus on any dimension of health care but needs to be pertinent to the topics that will be covered this semester in this course. The news item must be one that was published or reported within the last 2-3 weeks by a credible, reputable source. Do not use blogs, editorials, or other opinion pieces for this assignment.

You may refer to the Table of Contents in the course text to guide your selection of an article for the "Current Event" activities.

Submit a discussion that very clearly states your opinion regarding the information in the article that you select and how it relates to health agency organization and management. Do NOT summarize the content of the article. Instead, present your perspective on the current event story in an organized, well-constructed document that reflects insight and conveys a scholarly tone.

Do NOT post the actual article or news item; instead, provide a link to the article so that the information in the news item can be reviewed by the instructor. Adhere to all assignment guidelines as stipulated in the syllabus and remember to provide a discussion of sufficient length to convey a thorough understanding of the main points. Submissions that fail to meet the minimum length requirement for this assignment will receive a "0". 

Do NOT use any of the articles that have been posted as supplemental readings for this course. This will result in a "0" for the assignment.