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DIRECTIONS: You may either post a 250-300 word written response, OR you may post a video of yourself responding to the prompt below. To receive full credit for discussion posts, students must include all the following:


    1. Directly answer the given prompt. You may also include your own experiences and additional sources in all your responses.
    2. Include at least two supportive quotes or two pieces of evidence from the given reading, video, or film.
    3. Your initial response must be posted no later than 11:59 pm on Thursday of each week. 
    4. You must respond to at least one classmate (that includes any of my replies) no later than 11:59 pm on the following Sunday by either: posting a 150-200 word response, OR a video of yourself responding. You MUST include at least one supportive quote or piece of evidence from the given reading, video, or film. Feel free to provide kind, constructive feedback to your peers.

Prompt to Answer

Once you have collected the research necessary to complete your project, it is time to incorporate it into your writing. In research writing, what you write is based on the information you have acquired from your research. If you can’t cite it, don’t write it. And, when in doubt, cite it out.

Unless an author has written something so perfect, that it is impossible to paraphrase, you should not be using direct quotations in your research paper. Your researched information needs to be paraphrased or summarized. Please read Once you have reviewed the webpage, please answer the following prompt

Why is it important to paraphrase information, especially in a research paper? Next, I want you to select a short paragraph from one of the sources you used in your annotated bibliography. Provide the direct quote and citation for it (in APA), and then provide your paraphrased version of it underneath the quotation.


 Here is an example of making a quotation a paraphrase:


"Our 2020 survey is different. It reveals that Americans have been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and that the external factors Americans have listed in previous years as significant sources of stress remain present and problematic. These compounding stressors are having real consequences on our minds and bodies" (Stress in America, 2020). 


Stress in America™ 2020 A National Mental Health Crisis. American Psychological Association. (2020, October).   


Paraphrase of the Above Quotation:

In a 2020 survey, conducted by the American Psychological Association, it was revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected Americans. Furthermore, the external factors that Americans previously listed as a considerable source of stress, pre-pandemic, remain and continue to be problematic. These intensified stressors are having considerable ramifications on American’s minds and bodies (Stress in America, 2020).