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After watching the videos Pleasure Unwoven 


and Volition 


respond to one of these two prompts:

  1. All human behavior, by definition, flows from one of two sources: heredity vs. environment.  Our conduct proceeds from our genetic legacy and/or our life experiences.   Comment upon your own opinion and overall life view as to the nature of negative addictive behavior, both as an individual and as a public administrator, using the course readings and videos to support your ideas.
  2. Our video, Pleasure Unwoven, initially appears to suggest the addict has little or no choice in their decision to use self-destructive substances.  Later, the video seems to change that position.  Based upon the content and message of the video, choose a scale number from 1 to 10 that describes your view of the addicts ability to control their use of substances.  Explain and defend your numerical choice using the course readings and videos to support your ideas.