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Think about how your communication changes based on context. For example, in what ways are your work emails different from the messages you post on social media? Consider what you believe are your strengths and weaknesses with communication and recall some specific examples of each. Are you good at making your point clear? Do you have a hard time preparing written assignments, or do you regularly question your abilities?

Respond to the following:

Identify your greatest strength and your greatest weakness in regard to professional or academic communication. Describe an example of how you will use your communication skills in your classes, and then describe an example of how you will use your communication skills in the workplace.
What actions can you take to improve upon your weaknesses when communicating either orally or in writing? Why do you believe these actions will help?
Ethics and integrity are important in school, as you want to make sure you are using your own ideas when creating your assignments and not plagiarizing the work of others. Ethics and integrity also apply to the workplace. Describe any ethics violations you might have encountered in the workplace and explain why integrity would be important in these situations.