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Learning Goal: I’m working on a microbiology discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Prompt 2: Pick 2 of the following to discuss.

  • Explain the diagnostic methods used in identifying unknown organisms (ie: microscope, metabolic, etc). (USLO 11.1)
  • List differences between pathogens (fungi, bacteria, protozoan, etc) that could be a selective target for drug treatment. (USLO 11.2)
  • Describe the modes of action of antimicrobial drugs (ie: cell membrane, cell wall, protein synthesis, etc). Please provide an example drug for each. (USLO 11.3)
  • Explain how antiviral drugs work and how do they differ from other organisms’ treatment? (USLO 11.4)
  • Discuss antimicrobial resistance. Be sure to include the mechanisms used by organisms and the implication on treatment options. (USLO 11.5)
  • Discuss the methods used to select appropriate drugs (ie Kirby Bauer). Why is it important for the clinician to select the most appropriate drug? (USLO 11.6)
  • Discuss the misuse of antibiotics in the clinical setting. How does this misuse play a role in antibiotic resistance?