Discussion: Risks to Health Information


This assignment is intended to help you recommend appropriate controls to guard against risks to health information.

Action Items

1.Read Chapter 8 in Smallwood (2018) (Links to an external site.) and the additional course materials from Module 4 Preparation.

2.Read the following articles:  

o A Systematic Review of the Availability and Efficacy of Countermeasures to Internal Threats in Healthcare Critical Infrastructure (Links to an external site.)

o Cybersecurity in healthcare: A narrative review of trends, threats and ways forward (Links to an external site.)

o Security model for Big Healthcare Data Lifecycle

3.Research a recent security breach of a healthcare organization of your choice that has occurred within the last 3 years. Do not use an article provided by a product vendor.

4.Answer the following questions as it relates to a recent security breach in the healthcare organization you selected. State the name and location of the selected facility as well.

o Discuss the type of security breach that your research uncovered. Provide the reference and link to the article, video, or other source.

o Discuss 3 strategies that the organization could potentially employ to mitigate similar breaches in the future.