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Quantitative research
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Hi! I attach both the assignment that has been done by another author and the feedback from my teacher. If you have any other questions, please send me a message.

(From teacher) Thanks for submission. The task is a bit too short, as it is only one and a half pages. This means that you don’t get as much space for the discussion. You’re well on your way, and also have a nice interpretation of confidence intervals. However, you have made some small mistakes along the way: you mix, among other things, the regression coefficient (slope) and the constant link with the standard error of the estimates. You must also remember that happiness is independent variable, and health is dependent variable in the model. That means the regression model tests the effect of happiness on health, not the other way around. However, you should include in the discussion that there may be a possibility of an opposite causal relationship, and refer to Kellstedt and Whitten (2018)’s 4 criteria. It is also nice if you write the hypotheses in text, and not just as a general listing. Good luck!