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As more and more students are turning to online learning platforms, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that these platforms are accessible and user-friendly for all learners. In this discussion, let’s explore some of the biggest challenges facing online learning systems in terms of accessibility and usability and discuss how these can be addressed through HCI design and evaluation practices. Some questions to consider when addressing these challenges include:

  • What are some of the key accessibility and usability issues facing online learning systems today?
  • How can Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) principles and methodologies be used to design and evaluate online learning systems to ensure they are accessible and usable for all learners?
  • How can HCI evaluations be used to identify and address accessibility and usability issues in online learning platforms, and what role can stakeholders such as educators, administrators, and designers play in this process?
  • How can online learning platforms be designed to accommodate the diverse needs and abilities of learners, including those with disabilities?