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Discussion questions are listed below. If you are the first to post on a particular question, please use the question number and title in your subject. Once a question has been started, please put your posts on that question within the existing thread.

Note: You need three total posts, but you don't have to answer all three questions! All of your posts could be in one question if you like. Participate in the question(s) that interest you most.

1. Can You EXPLAIN It to a 5th Grader?

Pick a type of bond. Explain to a 5th Grade child why that bond forms between atoms. You can also reply to another classmate's post, asking questions like that 5th grader.

2. Indigestion In Action

Acids are thought to enhance the flavor of a lot of foods. The liquid in the stomach has an acidic pH. Too much acid in the stomach (acidic food plus acid stomach contents) can cause heartburn and stomach discomfort. What could be done to address this situation?

3. "Wait, that can't be true, can it?"

One of the most important thinking habits is detecting when new information challenges your old assumptions. What's one thing that challenged your beliefs from this chapter? Post your thoughts and/or comment on the thoughts of your classmates.