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Dissertation – Systematic Review
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Dissertation – Systematic Review – 12.000 words
My research question is this.. Is McKenzie effective for treating the neck in elderly individuals?
– If, after investigating, you are unable to locate 812 primary studies that could be incorporated into this systematic review, feel free to revise my research topic.-
Qualitative review (thematic analysis, narrative synthesis) OR quantitative review (metanalysis), explaining why you didn’t / Did utilise it. For this review, stick to a single methodology and don’t combine any. Choose one option only: quantitative review or qualitative evaluation.

Limitation and strengths
– Discuss bias under “limitations and strengths” ( it must be acknowledged the risck of bias, limitation e.g. not being able to work in a group and strength e.g. being able to have a supervisor, another limitation is that the narrative synthesis lacks precision, there is no excepted or form of techniques with the narrative synthesis, )