In this final project, you will be tasked with developing a conceptualization of an individual based upon background information and results from a few select tests. In order to do so, you will examine research to understand the purpose of the chosen tests, why they were utilized, and how they help to inform the overall understanding of the individuals presenting problems. In order to formulate a comprehensive conceptualization and develop appropriate recommendations, one must understand how to interpret tests and consider cultural/ethical issues associated with the vignette. This assessment provides a simulation of what it would be like to examine assessments in your everyday work.
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
Assess the primary tools and methods used for the development of psychological tests and assessments for their validity and reliability
Distinguish between the different domains of psychological tests and assessments for determining their appropriate applications
Apply psychometric principles for interpreting and evaluating the results of psychological measurement instruments