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Students are required to review the Ted Talk video in the link provided below and answer the questions provided.
How to build (and rebuild trust) [Video]. TED.: https://www.ted.com/talks/frances_frei_how_to_build_and_rebuild_trust?language=en#t-7417
This short Ted Talk video entitled How to Build (and rebuild Trust), is conducted by Frances Freir, a Harvard Business School Professor. She speaks about the relevance of building relationships of trust in order to motivate team members to become engaged and committed to achieving your project objectives.
1. Do a quick self-reflection and identify an instance, at work or at your previous learning institution, where you developed a lack of trust for the leader. Was this because of a:
a) lack of authenticity,
b) lack of rigor in their logic, or
c) lack of empathy
2. The presenter suggests that project leaders can improve the logic of their discussion by:
a) Start discussions with kind words and affirmations
b) Get to the main point of the discussion first
c) Ask team members for their input and collaboration
3. Based on the presenters experience at Uber, identify two ways she suggests leaders can be authentic?