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The second question of Homework2_2022.pdf. And the analysis I have written. I just need you to run the R code and give me the R R file to validate vour result.R. Because I use stata, it does not meet the requirements of the professor.
-To get full credits. you must report the final results and upload vour R file to validate vour result.R file should include all the codes that TA can run
-If you simply report the results without the Rcode.you will et a zero onR-related auestions
lf you ask to report or compute something, you must comment on your results.Just providing your screenshot of the R result without any comment will lose some credits.
E.g:) The mean for r BACHELOR is xxxX.The standard deviation for BACHELOR is blah.
3) If you are suspected of academic dishonestyyou will get zero credit for the assignment.
Homework2 2022.pdf Documentation.pdf FemaleWork.csv
The data file, female work.csv, is a subset of the American Community Survey(ACS) for the year 2018, with only female workers from age 18-40. A detailed
description of the variables contained in the csv file is given in the pdf file, Documentation.pdf , available on Blackboard.
(a) Suppose that all assumptions for OLS are satisfied and estimate the following
regression model:
W orkHoursi = 0 + 1Childi + ui
, i = 1, . . . , n.
Report the values of estimators and heteroskedasticity robust standard errors.
(b) What does the sample statistic 0 capture?
(c) Do women with child work less? By how much? Explain.
(d) Is the estimated effect of having child on womens working hours statistically
significant? Carry out a test at the 1% level.
(e) Construct a 95% confidence interval for the effect of having children on working