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Do you agree with the assessment of educational research?

Educational research has been criticised as irrelevant, lacking rigour and inaccessible (Whitty, 2007). Discuss critically such evaluations of education(al) research and subsequent efforts to increase its relevance and quality. Introduction – how does this question relate to current debates? (e.g. efforts to improve education; current social, political and economic environment); What is to be argued? Do you agree with the assessment of educational research? If so, what will be argued? If not, what will be argued? Set out essay structure. Main Body Set out clearly the (historical) criticisms of educational research, from Whitty to James; Is it irrelevant? i.e. does not inform policy and practice (is that the measure we should use?); does it focus on relevant issues (e.g. schools and teaching); Does is make an impact? Is it inaccessible? i.e. does is use impenetrable language? Is it disseminated? Does is engage with stakeholders? Is it lacking rigour? i.e. is the research robust in method and approach? Is it theoretically coherent and informed? Is it value neutral (can it be)? What efforts have been made to improve quality and relevance? E.g. science for policy; quality criteria, RAE and REF Are these efforts appropriate? What do they mean for education(al) research? Conclusion What are your key points What is your main argument Relate back to question and current context (e.g. experts)