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Does your introduction meet the standard as discussed in class
Are paragraphs clear, direct, and on point?
Does your paper flow well and is it logical?
Have you cited all non-original content, using credible sources, APA citations and bibliography?
Have you quoted material that needs quotations?
If your quotations take up more the 3- 5% of your total word count you will lose grades. Use minimal quotations.
Have you incorporated appropriate theories into your work?
Do you have a strong conclusion that mirrors your introduction?
Have you hit the word count?
Do you avoid overstating your findings?
Papers are to be written in the 3rd person only. DO not use the word I .
Did you review your Safe assign report and consider its findings?
To benefit from the safe assign report, you must submit the assignment BEFORE the deadline. Review the report when available and modify your assignment as required.
Teh safe assign report can take up to 24 hours to be returned to you. Plan accordingly.
You may submit your assignment as often as you want. The professor will only open and grade the last submission.
If submitting after the deadline late penalties will apply. Only the last submission will be graded.
Note: A low score on the SafeAssign report does NOT mean your paper does not have plagiarism in it. SafeAssign cannot detect all plagiarism. It is simply a tool to assist you. You are responsible for the content of your paper. The key to avoiding plagiarism is to understand and apply completely in-text APA citation and bibliography. When in doubt, cite it