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This assignment will require you to adequately answer two questions from a journal article. Length of response (quantitative) is not as important as the substance (qualitative) of your answers. Ultimately, your task is to let me know that you know what you are talking about. Be as comprehensive as possible and use this as an opportunity to flex you analytical muscles.
Keep in mind authors may have used more than one comparative principle and/or framework. Always support your claims with evidence from the article.
Kuran, Timur. 2004. Why the Middle East is Economically Underdeveloped: Historical Mechanisms of Institutional Stagnation. Journal of Economic Perspectives 18 (3): 7190
Timur Kuran (2004) aims to explain the economic divergence between western Europe and the Middle East. Discuss Kurans comparative approach, theory, and identify the theoretical framework (rational choice, structural, cultural) which best describes Kurans analysis.
Explain with evidence from the article.
Evaluate the argument. Do you think it adequately explains Middle Eastern underdevelopment? What may be missing from the analysis?