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Please use Times New Roman 12 size font and normal margins, and remember to number pages and indicate your name on the paper.

1. “In analyzing and evaluating political regimes, it is necessary to take into account the specific history, character, and culture of a people.” Is Montesquieu right?

2. The Federalist Papers argued that advances in political science had made it possible to have a successful republic. What are these advances? Have they succeeded?

3. Does Mill’s criticism of benevolent despotism undermine Plato’s argument for philosopher kings?

4. Would you want to live in a republic designed by Rousseau?

5. Is Mill’s On Liberty a recipe for individual freedom or for social conflict?

6. Evaluate the contemporary Chinese critique of liberal democracy. Is the alternative they propose credible?

7. “The ancients aimed high and missed their mark, the moderns aimed low and found their mark”. Do you agree?