Step 1: Institutional mission (10 points). Does our program have a mission statement? Who are the stakeholders invested in the program?

Step 2: Program design, development, and implementation (5 points). How do our program design, program development, and program implementation meet the aims of the mission statement?

Step 3: Our program evaluation (5 points). What evaluation points and procedures are in place? For our program, who are the key informants in the community, and who can provide feedback?

Step 4: Collecting data (5 points). What are the formal and informal data collection strategies for our program (5 points)?

Step 5: Judging the worth of our program (5 points). From step 4 collecting data and/or your observations of our program efficacy, what is your assessment of the worth of our program that you are evaluating?

Step 6: Our program Improvement (10 points). What improvement strategies might be indicated? How would our program begin to address the needs you have identified?