Is the sculpture high or low relief, or can we see the object in the round? What challenges did the material present to the artist?

 Was the work created through a subtractive process (beginning with a large mass of the medium and taking away from it to create form), or an additive one (in which sculptors add material to make the final artwork)? 

What tools did the artist use to create the form? If the form is human, is the artwork life-size?

Does the building represent the work of a community or the power of a leader? How was it constructed? What was the structure’s intended use? How does it fit with its surroundings? Is it a domineering or welcoming structure?

Does the work emphasize ideas rather than the physical product? Is there a physical product? The work could be conceptual, or temporary—a performance by an artist, for example. 

Are you as the viewer involved in the work? Perhaps you are walking through an installation or environment created by the artist.