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Does your state have a committee or body that selects potential judicial appointees?

With this project, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the state court system that you select. Please research the following topics, decide on the written format in which you want to convey the information (essay, power point presentation, blog post, newsletter, etc. – be creative!) and submit a project conveying the following information. Be sure to use complete sentences and provide as much information as you can to demonstrate your knowledge of your state court system. Have fun with this where you can! STATE COURT INFORMATION (30 points): What state court system are you researching? What is your connection to this state? What are all of the levels of courts in this state? Give an example of how many judges are on each court level (approximately) Name a specialty court in your state and what kinds of cases it handles. YOUR RESEARCH METHODS (30 points): Please list the websites and/or social media handles of any courts in your state that you reviewed for this project. Also answer the question, were they helpful? Please find a virtual way “inside” the court, meaning, talk to a court employee, attorney or judge in your state, or view a video tour or live oral argument or court hearing online. Please describe in detail what you viewed, and what you learned from it about your state court systems. FAMOUS STATE COURT FACTS (30 points) Identify a case from your state that is famous and/or well known. Identify a case from your state that has made it to the U.S. Supreme Court. There is usually a judge or other influential attorney from your state that was instrumental in the development of the state court system. Identify one of these people, and tell their story. GRAND JURY (30 points):

Does your state require indictments, informations, or both/neither? How many jurors are required to indict? What efforts has your state made, if any, to reform the grand jury process, especially in cases of police brutality or misconduct? JUDICIAL PROCESS Prof. Erin Preston-Johnson Bevel Spring 2022 JUDICIAL SELECTION (30 points) States that appoint judges: what branch of state government appoints judges in your state, both to full terms and to fill judicial vacancies?

Detail your states’ judicial appointment process.

Does your state have a committee or body that selects potential judicial appointees?

States that elect judges: Is the state court judicial election partisan or nonpartisan?

Detail any restrictions on candidates for state court elections, such as spending limits or campaign finance restrictions.

Does your state have ethics rules that keep judges from hearing cases involving campaign donors? Please describe them. JUDICIAL REMOVAL (25 points) Does your state court system have an impeachment, or judicial removal, process? Please describe it – and any crazy stories of judges that have been removed from the bench in your state court system! FORMATTING (50 points) Spelling Grammar Organization Depth Follows Instructions CREATIVITY (25 points)