Chapter 4 Recap Assignment (Please Read Carefully)
Paper details:
Creative Mini-Project


After reading the chapter material and looking over the PowerPoint, you are to create a reflective and unique piece of artwork and/or writing that incorporates any of the general topics discussed in Chapter 4. This could be anything from a short story, poem, song, podcast, video, painting, digital collage, etc. Guidelines for this assignment are that you should include at least 5 key-terms from the chapter and a short 1 page, double-spaced summary explaining/defining how you used the key-terms in your work. Again, this assignment is designed to be a bit more ‘free flowing’ and allow for your own, unique creative expression.

Terms to consider:

Affirmative Action, capitalism, chattel slavery, class, economic restructuring, class, Fair Deal, GI Bill, income, wealth, Marxist theories, neoliberal theory, split labor market, wealth, welfare, welfare queen, ‘Black Wall Street’, indentured servants, immigration and wealth/income, The Matrix of Race, reparations, taxes, etc. (any other key argument made in the chapter)