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Dragon Wings, Nightmare, and Neuro Vertig

 1. Submit DRAFT Thoroughly read the assignment instructions before you begin your draft. The draft should be a final version you could confidently submit for grading by the instructor. The draft submission is necessary for the self-assessment portion of the assignment. Assignment Instructions You work in the Marketing and Public Relations Department at Cedarwood Mountain, a cutting-edge amusement park with an impressive array of internationally-renowned roller coasters. You had hoped to spend this week having fun in the park, visiting with guests, taking pictures, and generating social media content. A series of unfortunate events, however, caused four of the park’s premier coasters — including the brand new Mind Melter — to be shut down last Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday. Social media is now ablaze with poor reviews and critical comments by angry and disappointed coaster enthusiasts. As a senior intern, you have been asked to help quell the growing PR crisis. Feel free to include some of all the facts below in your letter. Five of Cedarwood Mountain’s coasters have appeared on the Annual Top Ten Lists of Coaster Enthusiast magazine. Three of these coasters — Dragon Wings, Nightmare, and Neuro Vertigo — were among those that were shut down last weekend. The fourth coaster that was shut down last weekend was Mind Melter. The Mind Melter, designed by the award-winning design firm Stengel Engineering, has been highly-anticipated. Cedarwood Mountain has strict maintenance and safety procedures. The park has never had a major coaster-related safety incident. This is the first time in its 20-year history that Cedarwood Mountain has faced any sort of substantial backlash from visitors. Be aware that the facts you use and the ways in which you use them will ultimately determine whether your letter is a success. Your task: Write a letter of apology and good will to be distributed to those who visited the park last weekend. All visitors should be offered a discount of 50% on their next purchase of a one- or two-day ticket. The discounted tickets will be valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be used for regular park admission on any day except for the 4th of July. The discounted tickets will be available for purchase for the next 30 days via Cedarwood Rider Relations at 987-654-3210. The letter will ultimately be signed by Majidra Singh, the Cedarwood Mountain CEO. Follow the business letter format shown on page 119 in the LC book. Develop appropriate company top matter (company address, phone, email, and optional logo). Use the following customer name to show proper formatting: Mx. Campbell Tai 8672 Marshall Street Detroit, MI 48213 You will write one letter to the customer. Assignment Tip: Use the grading rubric below as a checklist for fulfilling the assignment fully. Assessment Criteria Points CONTENT: The letter’s content accurately reflects the case. 8 points CONTENT: Only the case information, most useful to achieve the letter’s purpose, is used. 8 points CONTENT: Main ideas are fully supported with credible arguments, ideas, facts, and information. 10 points CONTENT: The conclusion reinforces the message and contains a clear call to action. 6 points CONTENT: Appropriate length and depth. 7 points AUDIENCE: Business letter reflects a proper analysis of the customer to accomplish the letter’s purpose. 8 points AUDIENCE: From a customer’s perspective, the letter is written in an appropriate style, strategy and tone. 8 points ORGANIZATION: Information is organized in a clear, logical way given the purpose of the letter and the intended reader. 12 points FORMAT: Correctly follows the business letter format and the assignment’s guidelines. 7 points LANGUAGE: Writing is clear, concise and accurate. 6 points LANGUAGE: Appropriate for purpose of letter. 6 points GRAMMAR & MECHANICS: Sentences are well written. 7 points GRAMMAR & MECHANICS: There are no errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. 7 points Draft File Format and Upload Instructions Upload the draft as a pdf file. Upload your assignment and click on “submit for grading” by the deadline specified in the Syllabus. Your document will be processed through Turnitin to check for plagiarism. Your work must be your own. Return to the top 2. Submit SELF-ASSESSMENT Self-Assessment Instructions By now, hopefully you’ve experienced the value of completing, reviewing, and revising a draft through self-editing. For assignment three, you may want to try one of the methods that you have not yet used. Like before, you can use Google docs, Word document review, or a hard copy of your writing that you handwrite comments and then scan and upload your markup. Then be sure to incorporate the changes fully in your final version of this assignment. Use the table below to guide your self-assessment, and make the notes suggested to demonstrate that you have considered format, grammar, tone, content, and organization. (Notice that some items as you to make notes even if you do not need to make changes.) Questions Look for On the Paper Are the main points clear? Is there sufficient information about the offer? Are you going into too much detail? Are you adding information that is not in the case? The main ideas Support includes information from the case. Problems are acknowledged; however, the letter’s focus is the describing the offer. Highlight the main ideas Draw an arrow from each main idea to supporting facts or make a comment indicating these Are all of the assignment requirements included? Compare the business letter to the instructions in Moodle Check off every requirement as you find it Make a list of the pieces that are missing Is the letter’s style, strategy, and tone appropriate for audience considering the situation? Word choice Will this audience consider the tone positive or negative? Draw a asterisk in 3 or more places that indicate style, strategy, and/or tone Is the letter well-organized considering the situation? Is the letter organized in the indirect pattern? Are there clear topic sentences for every section? Describe the organization in the margins or as a comment Does this correctly follow the business letter format? Spacing, return address, recipient address, salutation, closing, and font Draw an X where the format doesn’t match the guidelines Is the writing clear, concise, and accurate? Are the sentences well-written? Are any sentences hard to understand? Do any words seem out of place (too formal, too casual, or wrong)? Put a question mark near any unclear information Are there errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation? Focus on errors that make the assignment difficult to understand Make corrections in colored pen or type a comment When you finish, save and upload your document and remember to make these changes to your final version before the due date. Return to the top 3. Submit the FINAL VERSION After incorporating the edits from the self-assessment, upload the final version. Click on “submit for grading” by the deadline specified in the Syllabus. Draft or Word document copies will not be graded. Please upload just one pdf file that includes the letter to the customer by the deadline specified in the Syllabus. Your document will be processed through Turnitin to check for plagiarism. Your work must be your own.