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“Early Depictions of the Printing Press: A Model Source”

This assignment will allow you to work on the skills you’ll need for the written assignments throughout the course. For this assignment, you will answer a series of questions about the assigned reading for Week 2: “Early Depictions of the Printing Press: A Model Source” by Timothy P.J. Perry. Before you start the assignment, make sure you’ve carefully read Perry’s entire article while taking notes.

You should also watch the video posted by your TA containing their advice on written assignments. Answer each of the questions below in a complete paragraph (usually 5–6 sentences) and submit a file containing your complete set of answers through Brightspace. Your TA will respond with feedback about the analytical skills and writing style that are evident in your assignment. Pay close attention to this feedback and keep it in mind when you write your first response paper in Week 3. This assignment is due at 11:59 PM AST on January 16. It is worth 5% of your final grade. What specific historical materials does Perry focus on in his article, and why did he choose them?

What is the thesis or main argument that Perry develops in his article? What does it have to do with the concept of a “model”? What kinds of evidence does Perry use to support his argument, and how does he arrange it? In the end, do you find it convincing? What does Perry’s article teach us about how technology can be related to society? Does his work have any relevance to understanding technology and society today? What does Perry’s article reveal about the differences in society’s attitude toward technology in the 15th and 16th centuries compared to today? Which aspects of these depictions of printing are unusual or unfamiliar to the 21st-century reader?