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Describe the differences between yue-fu (Music Bureau) poetry (Owen, pp. 227-248) and Old Poems (Owen, pp. 249-273). Answer all three of the following questions, based on your own reading of the texts, commentary in the Owen anthology, and listening to the lecture. You can choose to address one or two poems from each type to support your answers.

  1. How do yuefu and Old Poems differ in terms of their historical development? When did they first start, and how were they used or circulated?
  2. What are some of the differences in form between the two types of poetry? (Ex., length, meter, use of stanzas, relationship to music, etc.)
  3. What are some of the different concerns that seem to be addressed in each type of poetry?

Put the titles and page numbers for the poems you choose at the top of your response. Following this heading, include three numbered paragraphs (answering questions #1-3 above). Support your answers by referring to details from the poems, what you read in Owens commentary, and heard in the lecture (footnotes are not necessary). See the attached rubric for grading criteria.

Your entire submission should be 400-600 words, typed or pasted directly into the text submission box. You can compose your response on your computer first, then paste it into Quercus, in case you lose your connection. This is an individual assignment, so do not work in groups. Your submission will be scanned to detect similarities with those of other students.