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Economic Transfer Paper
Paper details:
To discuss your individual viewpoint about the tradeoffs between equity and efficiency while analyzing a particular transfer payment program.

Select a type of transfer payment and analyze the pros and cons of the current system in the United States or abroad and how the system could be improved.
Examples of transfer payments would be Social Security, Medicare, unemployment payments, welfare programs, etc. There are many more, so don’t let this list limit you. You can write about almost any type of transfer payment you would like.
In writing the paper you must include the following areas:

Part 1: Use positive economics* to analyze the current situation.

Part 2: Use normative economics** to analyze the current situation. Do you believe the current situation comes down too much on the side of equity or efficiency? Explain.

Part 3: Develop a plan for how you believe the situation could be improved. In this section, you will need to come up with at least one (1) specific policy that the government could implement and how you believe this policy will change the situation both domestically and potentially globally.
*Positive economics is an analysis of facts; what is.

**Normative economics uses economics to make value judgments about the situation.

Submit a report that is 4-5 pages long, typed double-spaced.
This paper is a formal, college-level paper, meaning it should be written in that style. Do not use personal pronouns like “I,” “we,” “me,” “you,” etc. It should be well written with an introduction and conclusion and appropriate citation.

Must use APA 7 citation format.

All references should be cited (5 sources minimum are required)
Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!

Typed, double-spaced in a readable 12-point font with margins no larger than 1 on all sides.