You will easily see the connection between McDevitt & Ormrod’s textbook Chapter 7 and Berk’s Chapter 5: Berk’s Chapter is an expanded elaboration on the topic that is only briefly outlined in M&O’s Ch.7 – helping children with cognitive and behavioral problems. Berk’s discussion is much richer and full of interesting examples of what parents and teachers can do for children with various disabilities. I hope you will notice that for children with sensory, cognitive, and behavioral problems Berk emphasizes the same major principles that she advocated in her earlier chapters for all children – making sense, explanations, and understanding, as well as warm and supportive relationships, rather than behaviorist conditioning and reinforcement (which Berk never even mentions, but which, unfortunately, are still so popular among special education teachers).

Please keep in mind that, as in all other reflections in this course, you need to elaborate on one idea or strategy from the reading and provide a specific and reasonably detailed scenario of incorporating it into classroom teachin