Educational Vlog for Global Business Forum(worth 65% of final module grade)

The organisers of a ‘Global Business Forum Festival of Digital Transformation: Ways of Working in a Post Pandemic World’ has approached you to design an educational vlog (in the form of a reflection) for potential and current line managers based on one of the following topics (you choose one topic only); 

  1. The influence of digital transformation on home working including the potential drawbacks and benefits.
  2. The impact of digital transformation on employee well-being including potential drawbacks and benefits.
  3. The influence of digital transformation in the creation of inclusive working practices.
  4. How digital supports flexible and agile working practices.

The Vlog to be annotated (include subtitles or captions or a script) and be between 5 and 7 minutes in duration. It is expected there is a bibliography which outlines the academic literature and secondary sources which influenced the design of the Educational Vlog. 

Within the educational vlog it is encouraged that there is artistic imagination within the educational vlog (this includes the use of metaphor, or poetics – music, lyrics, proverbs, images, extracts from speeches from philosophers, scholars or business leaders).